What Are The Best Peos For Small Businesses?

best peo for small business

While many small businesses operate only at the local level, businesses with employees in multiple countries also need PEO support, especially in HR management and payroll processing. Its services include fast onboarding options, cross-border payroll processing, and real-time reporting and analytics. Papaya takes all the benefits of the best PEOs and provides them to companies abroad, making it a great option for any company looking to do business in other countries. AbelHR services include HR compliance and admin, employee benefits, payroll and taxes, workers’ compensation, training, and compliance. It has an excellent reputation within the PEO industry due to its personal approach.

ADP is a flexible service that can work with businesses of any size, and it provides one of the most extensive PEO services of any company we reviewed. TotalSource is accredited by the ESAC, IRS, and BBB, putting it among the top players in the PEO industry. For these many reasons, ADP earns our pick for the PEO with the best customer service. ADP also offers top-rated HR programs, with the company emerging as an industry leader in tech and customer support. Staff is also likely to appreciate the self-service payroll system that gives them more autonomy over their earnings. If a computer is not available, the mobile app will help take care of all business needs. Oasis is run by the popular payroll processing company, Paychex, which also makes an appearance on our list.

Scoring 4.23 out of 5 in our evaluation, it didn’t rank higher on our list because some of its non-payroll tools cost extra and it lacks the flexible PEO service that Rippling offers. In terms of user feedback, Paychex itself has a lot of negative reviews. Most complaints are around nontransparent pricing and being billed for functions the user did not want . Of more concern are the complaints of incorrect tax withholdings—and Paychex not honoring its guarantee. It should be noted that where those complaints are seen, Paychex has responded, offering to resolve the issue. PEOs are usually well versed in the laws and regulations that your company has to follow, so they can help you manage risk and legal compliance for your business. This service is especially beneficial if you operate in multiple states or regions with varying employment laws.

Customer Service

We chose it as the best overall because it’s affordable, easy to set up, and well-suited to helping small business owners who most need its help. Since PEOs have so many employees on their books, they have access to affordable, desirable employee benefits, including medical, dental, vision and life insurance.

One of the most common is the Employer Services Assurance Corporation , although Better Business Bureau accreditation is also popular and well-respected. It’s always best to choose a provider that has a CPEO designation by the IRS. When choosing the best PEO providers to partner with there are a number of factors to consider.

best peo for small business

Compare different payroll software providers, including the leading services Gusto, TriNet Zenefits, and QuickBooks. Resourcing Edge – A smaller PEO service provider that won’t be for every company, we found Resource Edge to be worth your attention due to their flexible and adaptive approach to providing service. Expect changes from them throughout the lifespan of your relationship, but they will all be good ones. They also have excellent training options and can tailor a plan to fit your industry. Engage PEO – Engage PEO has an all-around great PEO offering, but if you’re looking for great training programs you should put this one on your shortlist and learn more. Even the smallest companies still need HR support, and at this stage you might just want to set up basic and affordable benefits, or just get payroll and compliance issues resolved. You’ll want to keep an eye out for minimum payroll or employee number requirements, and you will also want to make sure you aren’t spending too much on services or getting locked into a long-term contract.

While not every PEO operates in every state, you will be able to find a PEO service provider in your state without issue. It will either charge a flat fee per employee or charge a percentage of your total payroll. We prefer companies that use the flat fee model as they are usually more transparent. The PEO has your employee’s EIN, but you will still have complete managerial control and are still responsible for wages.

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XcelHR’s unique blend of personalized customer experiences and flexible service offerings make it easy for business owners to find a solution that works best for them. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the industry, XcelHR has proven itself to be a leading PEO provider to small businesses everywhere. When nearly 43% of small business owners experience a lawsuit, our services are increasingly more important and relevant to our clients than ever. At their most basic, PEOs can manage HR tasks and at their most complex, ensure compliance to complicated HR laws – all of which prevent those damaging lawsuits from happening in the first place. As with the other two recommendations on my best PEO list, Amplify PEO offers a full range of products and services. You’ll get your insurances, compliance assistance, payroll and taxes, and everything else you need for onboarding and managing your staff.

  • Unlike with some services you outsource for your small business, you’re probably going to need to access customer service on a regular basis with a PEO.
  • Amplify PEO, is a full-service provider that can work with a business of any size and in just about any industry, which is helpful in California.
  • We checked whether PEOs provide additional HR solutions, such as recruiting, applicant tracking, time and attendance, and learning management tools.
  • Every PEO is different, but here are a few ways most PEOs can help small businesses.
  • Users can choose additional employee perks to help attract new employees.

Relatively new PEO service as it was established in 2013 and helps business owners with payroll administration, performance management, new hire onboarding, insurance, hr administration, and compliance services. Since it’s a younger firm, it places a high premium on technology and uses online applications, 24/7 service along with chat messaging to enhance efficiency. It’s also a good choice for younger businesses as it only requires small business owners to have just 2 employees to use their services. This is a great advantage seeing many larger, more established PEO firms in the United States have higher barriers to entry.

Best For Small Businesses : Insperity

Like most PEOs on this list, Questco provides HR, payroll, timekeeping, and employee benefits services. It also offers risk compliance, HR technology, and safety and worker’s compensation administration.

A unique feature is its recruitment services, which help to keep companies stacked with the top talent they need to keep growing. Insperity will offer the guiding hand that small businesses need as they grow and expand.

  • It’s a good idea to check with the major accreditation agencies when you’re considering PEOs.
  • Many businesses choose to outsource these critical services in order to guarantee that they are done correctly by experienced professionals.
  • Only you will be able to determine that for yourself and for your business, but below we have compiled a list of the top 21 companies that you can look at first.
  • So if your business isn’t large enough for an in-house HR team — or if you have a small HR team that’s constantly underwater — a PEO can help ease the burden.
  • With the right company , you will not have to worry about payroll, timing, or related taxes.
  • If a small business owner must leave a PEO, he or she should try to leave it around the first of January.

We recommend reaching out to Amplify PEO and getting a quote as soon as possible. Yet while it can offer almost everything, CoAdvantage stands out from the crowd when it comes to team building, and businesses on the incline should pay particular note to it. These are only the basics, with more specific features offered depending on the PEO your business chooses. We offer a flexible service package – you can add or remove services based on what fits your business best. On top of that, their system is simple to join and easy to navigate once you’re inside and their customer support is reliable, efficient, and quick to respond when you need them. The second stage in my analysis is to review which products and services are offered by which PEOs at which price points. This allows me to eliminate PEOs that either don’t offer a full range of services or offer this range at an inflated price.

Adp Totalsource

A PEO company with multiple service lines can also grow with your company in the coming years. Vensure has a positive reputation for offering size-based packages, allowing clients to access the right combination of services to reach their current goals.

The standard Justworks contract will include payroll processing and HR administration, in addition to compliance and employee benefits. If you have a question or need help with a topic, customer service is standing by 24/7 via phone, email, online chat, Slack, or SMS text. For business owners, there are support services available, such as state-specific HR systems with on-demand consulting services and compliance and risk management. For those focused on growth, there is even recruitment outsourcing available to scout out talent and advance teams. Paychex provides access to a multitude of resources addressing all facets of business. Owners can focus their attention on growing the business while Paychex steps in to handle payroll, taxes, and compliance. Employee benefits packages are extensive, including health, retirement, vision, dental, and even employee wellness options.

best peo for small business

ADP TotalSource cost is determined by location, number of employees, and selected features. Paychex periodically offers free trials and other promotions, giving businesses a chance to give its PEO services a test run. In this guide, we’ll share our recommendations on the four best PEOs for small business owners, along with some guidance about how to determine which PEO services makes the most sense for your particular business. Although legal compliance has always been important, the pandemic has created an even more significant need for this.

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Oasis, a Paychex company, is an ideal PEO for startups with at least five worksite employees. Oasis is available in all 50 states and offers custom plans with flexible pricing, making best peo for small business it a good choice for small and growing businesses alike. You can add and remove services as needed, which is great for small startups that may have unpredictable staff growth.

TriNet hopes to become companies’ “most trusted advisor” by “harnessing the power of scale.” It provides full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. Some PEO providers work with just one health insurance company, while others provide a wide range of options. So, if diverse plans from varying providers is important to you, then make sure you find a PEO solution that can accommodate those needs. ADP TotalSource is used for human resources, talent management, payroll, employee benefits, and risk assessment. Paychex PEO’s online tools and benefits options are managed through Paychex Flex, the provider’s all-in-one HR solution. If you want to know more about the platform, our Paychex Flex review tackles its essential features and pricing information.

If that sounds like something that your business needs, I advise you to check out CoAdvantage. As one of the best PEO companies out there, they have proven team-building services to help you identify top performers and inspire others to be like them.

Best Peo Companies In California

The Senior HR Generalist supports businesses on their growth goals and strategy, employee relations, and performance management needs. They also deliver updates, support, and information on compliance regulations and offer training for businesses and their employees. XcelHR also offers additional support for startups and small businesses beyond its PEO offerings. These include access to and technical support for the company’s preferred time-tracking and recruiting platforms, training webinars, local events, and an HR podcast.