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Here are 15 Norwegian foods that you should shot and more details about the neighborhood cuisine.

Here are 15 Norwegian foods that you should shot and more details about the neighborhood cuisine.

Norwegian ingredients has its own similarities with Swedish as well as Danish meals and additionally Icelandic ingredients, but Norwegian food furthermore is comprised of some distinctive foods and ways to plan the meal.

Old-fashioned ingredients in Norway may be consumed at dining through the country, and a few locations actually make the laundry just like the outdated recipes whereas some contemporary dining will prepare standard Norwegian foods with a contemporary touch.


Farikal try a hearty stew basically fairly easy to prepare, and a prominent meal in the cold winter months. There Was even a devoted day of the season once you consume Farikal.

It’s commonly eaten from inside the american components of Norway, you could additionally get a hold of great places to eat Farikal in Oslo, eg Dovrehallen.

Photograph: Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

Sursild (Pickled Herring)

Pickled Herring or Sursild as its labeled as in Norwegian is fairly usual and can be found in almost every grocery store. Pickled Herring are an important part of Scandinavian cuisine as well as the Baltic countries plus the Netherlands.

You might like to take in herring prepared in other tips, such as for instance deep-fried herring.


If you’re planing a trip to the north elements of Norway, you may get the chance to devour Finnbiff, basically another conventional items from Norway, created using sauteed reindeer meats, offered with sauce in stew kind.

It’s additionally prominent into the Lapland area for Sweden and Finland in addition to Russia.


Nearly the same as meatballs, and Kjottkaker actually suggests beef cakes and is also typically offered with brown sauce, potatoes and celery. It’s an easy Norwegian recipe, but really delicious.

It’s top eaten handmade, but you can furthermore look for some gourmet variations in diners, of course you’re fortunate possibly you’ll have asked for dinner hosted by a Norwegian people.

Smalahove (Sheep’s mind)

Of all conventional items from Gilbert escort reviews Norway, the Smalahove might be the more off-putting and strange Norwegian delicacies to use.

That isn’t something that the normal Norwegian will take in on a weekday, but Smalahove are nevertheless a normal dish which generally is made from sheep’s head.

The sheep’s mind was either boiled or steamed for about 3 hrs and it is usually supported with rutabaga and carrots. It absolutely was typically a meals for poor people back in record, and quite often the brain ended up being prepared inside skull nicely before consumed with a spoon.

Photograph: Jon Naustdalslid/Shutterstock

Brunost (Brown cheddar)

The best sorts of brown cheese in Norway could be the Gudbrandsdalsost. it is also referred to as Mysost also it’s typically consumed on snacks or crispbread. it is made with whey and milk or ointment.

The brown tone originates from the warmed up whole milk glucose during creation.

Used Fish

It is possible to devour fish in a variety of ways in Norway, often cooked, fried, cured, or smoked. The most popular means of planning fish is the one also known as Gravlaks, in fact it is basically fish that is cured in sodium, sugar, and dill.

Salmon fillets are supported with carrots, veggies, plus some sauce.

Pic: BBA Photography/Shutterstock


Lutefisk is an additional traditional edibles from Norway, which is typically eaten around Christmas. Lutefisk is made from lye and whitefish (generally cod) that has been dried and salted.

If you want to sample some common soups in Norway you should attempt Sodd, that is a normal mutton soups with carrots and celery. If you’re viewing throughout the colder elements of the season, this hearty meal will certainly supply some welcomed warmth.

Whale Steak

For foreigners, this might be one particular debatable snacks from Norway. Whaling isn’t banned in Norway, and although a drop with the usage of whale meat, a lot of Norwegians consume whale regularly.

it is not considered a debatable particular snacks in Norway. And find it in restaurants in the nation as well as in seafood markets.


Torrfisk is actually a Norwegian delicacy, particularly around the countries of Vesteralen and Lofoten. It’s a type of unsalted and cool air-dried seafood, typically cod.

The custom of Torrfisk dates back to your 12th century and that can be treated through fermentation.