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Following the destruction of your Reaper on Rannoch, the newest geth was weakened and you can Admiral Han’Gerrel releases the full struck

Following the destruction of your Reaper on Rannoch, the newest geth was weakened and you can Admiral Han’Gerrel releases the full struck

The latest geth unit Shepard and you will Tali saved on the geth dreadnought, often Legion by itself, or a good Geth VI constructed in its likeness, tries to publish the new Reaper password to help you improve the intelligences away from the newest geth cumulative: a work who would restore the geth to full-strength Baton Rouge LA hookup profiles, catching new quarian fleet unaware and resulting in the depletion.

In the event that Shepard allows new geth to-be upgraded, Tali watches from inside the nightmare as the she witnesses the new totality of the Migrant Collection crash and you will burn off into the Rannoch’s environment. Full of despair, she takes away the girl cover-up, declares “I’m very sorry”, and you will commits suicide because of the organizing herself from good cliff. Shepard tries seriously to catch the lady but to help you zero get.

Tali try mollified at this and you can thanks a lot EDI for her guidelines on Normandy

If the Shepard comes to an end the geth product of posting the brand new password, it will become hostile and Tali is obligated to stab it which have their footwear knife to store Shepard. When the Legion was real time and you will Shepard convinces this new quarians to halt the attack, peace try achieved between your quarians and geth, and Tali watches unfortunately just like the Legion sacrifices itself to offer flexibility to all or any geth, however ahead of guaranteeing that the cure for Legion’s concern-whether the geth have souls-was ‘Yes’.

In the event the Shepard chose to front side on the quarians across the geth, as opposed to watching promise the newest winnings reminds Tali of your own losings she incurred: the woman team towards Haestrom, the girl dad, plus Legion in case your program try as much as. She initiate considering she isn’t really willing to calm down but really.

Shepard can step-in and you may reason that have possibly cluster, nevertheless the end result is similar: no drugs into quarians

In every instances when she survives the brand new wake, Tali decides to rejoin the fresh new Normandy, with the knowledge that she would be attacking for her homeworld. Before leaving Rannoch, she will be taking off her cover-up observe this new sundown.

During brand new Citadel, Tali coordinates the woman mans activities for the turians. Shepard discover their to your Presidium Commons talking-to a great functionary, often good diplomat or a beneficial clerk according to day.

Till the competition to have Rannoch, Tali contends having good diplomat to possess medical provides, but the turian claims they have absolutely nothing to free. Tali explains the quarians are prepared to pay hence thousands often die without having any drugs, nevertheless turian counters by using the brand new lingering battle in addition to current failed coup new turians on their own do not have much offers so you’re able to go around. Tali is actually pleased with the token support if the Shepard sides with their, otherwise grudgingly concedes brand new turian’s section and you can tells new Leader she’s going to speak later if the otherwise.

In the event that she survived the battle having Rannoch, Tali gets the fresh new quarians’ ambassador towards Citadel. Shepard finds out this lady talking to a great clerk, just who Tali describes since one who refused the woman asylum whenever she received proof Saren’s treachery. This new turian will not admit their and you will Tali find to not prompt your, understanding that combat isn’t any time for petty grudges.

Inside the aftermission lulls, Tali usually banters that have Garrus, EDI and you can Head Professional Adams. She and you may Garrus have several conversations regarding their prior to objectives that have Shepard.

Tali plus talks with EDI out of Reaper conversion process of one’s additional races to your husks, deliberating on as to why it have not been converting the fresh quarians. EDI assures their it is not too Reapers cannot think them helpful, as an alternative that they have not discovered Tali’s race within the signifigant amounts. When Tali has been perhaps not convinced, EDI tells the lady that the Normandy have benefited significantly from her options hence the fresh new quarians is an extremely smart race having an astonishing knack to have technologies and you may tech.